Hello dear moviegoers! Sometime in the middle of the 90s, on TV, I had the opportunity to see a film that, for reasons I do not understand, has been haunting me for many years :).
I remember very little, but still I hope for your help. So: the genre can most likely be described as a fantastic erotic thriller / thriller. I remember the plot very little. Of the highlights, I remember a car with an emblem in the form of a middle finger. a guy with an artificial hand or finger. I remember that he told some girl that he had a choice to cut off his arm or penis and he chose his arm :)). Well, at the end of this work, I remember, the girl cut everyone, it seems with a knife, except for one guy, with whom they later had sex in weightlessness…
I understand that the description is no good, but still I have illusory hopes of finding this “masterpiece” Thank you in advance!

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