Guy takes girls panties off under dinner table

I remember a good looking girl gets a visit from an old boyfriend at her new sugerdaddies house. They stay for dinner and during dinner the old boyfriend removes her panties under the table without her new Suger daddy husband knowing. He’s talking so much he’s oblivious. Later that night while everyone’s sleeping they have sex on a chair in living room, and before getting caught the girl, her old boyfriend and his friend make a run for it in a red sports car. Thank you

18 thoughts on “Guy takes girls panties off under dinner table

  1. I’ve been looking for this movie myself. I have an old VHS tape of this movie, but it was mostly taped over except for this once scene. I’ve been trying to track it down for a long while.

  2. Come on guys. Let’s put our Heads together. Been looking for this movie for sometime. It is none of these movies. Anybody got any actress or actors In the movies.

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