Girl threated with a hand blender

Hi, I tried to find what movie it is, what I remember is:

  1. I watch this scene or part of the scene back in the early 90s when I was a kid.
  2. Probably was in English, but as I was a kid, I don’t remember if the actors/actress were Americans. Besides, I’m from South America, so the movie was dubbed to Spanish. A mean, I don’t remember seen subtitles and don’t remember what they said.
  3. According to the scene could be a thriller or horror b-movie, but also could be a movie about gangs, probably a direct-to-video or made-for-tv movie, but I know that it was not a VHS rented.


  1. It was in color.
  2. This is more or less what I remember from the scene: There is a girl that is attacked for 3 or 4 guys, probably in her kitchen, I am not sure if the guys take off her cloths or the girl was in topless, I don’t remember actually seen her breasts, but in the next shot of the scene, one of the guy thread her with a hand blender, I remember that the camera focus on the blades of the blender, and it is closer to her breasts. Don’t remember how the scene ends.
  3. Could be, but I not 100% sure, that the girl was the girlfriend of some guy and these guys were rivals of the boyfriend. For some reason I think it was some kind of revenge or trying to get information, also I think that the boyfriend was in the house.

3 thoughts on “Girl threated with a hand blender

    1. Hi, SecularSurfer, thanks for reply, but is not the movie.
      I sure it’s not Bound, because in 1996 I was 12/13 y.o. and when I saw that movie, well that scene, either was ends of the 80s or early in the 90s.


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