Girl steals Cop/FBI badge/ID

I believe I saw this movie sometime last year. I don’t think this is a major plot in the movie but maybe someone can help …

There’s a part in the movie where it involves a Cop or a FBI agent or some authoratative figure (guy) and a girl who he is seeing. She is staying with him in his apartment and he was injured in this scene, broken leg or something and the girl is taking care of him and gives him pain killers or some medication and he falls asleep … She takes his ID or badge and goes out with it and uses it at his workplace without him knowing. She comes back to the apartment and the guy already knows what she did because his workplace called him and she tries to sneak it back I think and I think he got fired or something… Also the guy is African and I think the girl was White but I can’t remember.

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  1. Tv series “Pretty Little Liars -Season 6, Episode 8 (Framed)

    “Lorenzo, who broke his arm while trying to catch Charles at the arcade, tells her she could still fix it with her friends……

    As Lorenzo is taking his medicine, he tells Alison to go out a bit to clear her head, as the pills will knock him out for a while.

    Alison is still at Lorenzo’s apartment. She is folding his laundry while he is sleeping on the couch. When she is about to leave, she sees Lorenzo’s access card to the police department and after a short hesitation, she takes it with her.

    Alison walks into the Rosewood PD (Police Department) to find out what they know about Charles, since she is constantly being kept in the dark, and the only people who have been discussing Charles in detail is her Dad and Tanner.”

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