Funny Awkward Teen Movie

I remember this movie was on netflix in about 2013 or 2012.

I remember it was about a teenage boy who had crush on a the typical hot girl (I remember that she was a dancer at their school and she had dark hair) but she was dating either his mean brother or just some typical bully.

I remember one scene were the bully and the girl were making out on a couch while awkward boy was on the next couch watching, then the bully stop kissing and makes fun of him saying he had a boner when in reality it was just a bulk zipper, then the boy runs upstairs.

Another scene i remember was when the boy was talking to his cousin and a girl. The girl says she wants to be his girlfriend and the boy said no you’re my cousin, the she said “No, I’m his cousin”. By the end of the movie the two of them end up together after he gets rejected by the hot girl and realizes she is just his cousin’s cousin.

I don’t remember what the main boy looked like but i remember thinking he looked like Ricky Dillon at the time.

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