Frog, Goat, Satanism and Strange

It’s a 1970s movie (I think but it could be late 1960s or early 1980s because I was in junior high then) and I think it was dubbed in English.

There’s a scene where the female who is involved in the occult bites the head of a toad/frog that was where the Eucharist was kept.  She keeps doing these strange rituals even where she is lying on an altar and a female goat is led to her then she starts licking it’s “you know what”.  It may be an Italian (giallo) or Spanish movie, not sure.  It’s not a slasher or murder film.  It’s all centered around Satanic rituals and the female becoming possessed.  In fact it had on the VHS case at the rental store (it was that long ago) that it was supposed to be more scary than ‘The Exorcist’.  It was in color, not b&w.  Lot’s of scenes in or around a Roman Catholic church.  I’ve searched online but since I can’t recall the VHS cover the search result images don’t ring a and the synopsis for them are too short to tell after reading them if any if them are the right one. It’s possible it’s not Italian or Spanish but it was dubbed and the cinematography was good (didn’t look like a TV show or Canadian).

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