Friend kills friend

I have quite a few movies I need help remembering from over the years, but I’ll just start out with one for now and see how it goes.

I saw a movie that I believe was a made for tv movie back in the early 90’s. There are only a few things I remember.

There was a group a friends, all girls, probably teenagers (maybe 17 or 18).

At one point they were going to a party or something, and they stopped somewhere after they left and changed into clothes their parents wouldn’t approve of.

Then at some point (I want to say it was after they changed their clothes, but it might have been on a different all together) the girls get in an argument one of them winds up killing another one.

I think the killing happened in the woods by a stream, but they may have killed her somewhere else and dumped the body in the woods.

I think there was something significant with the scrunchie that fell out of the dead girls hair. Like they overlooked it, and it wound up being evidence.

I saw it around 1996, but it could have been made earlier than that. Probably late 80’s early 90’s.

It was in english and color, most likely made for tv.

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