Foreign Horror (korean or japanese maybe) on Netflix between 2012 and 2014

Ok, the movie starts out with either an actress or model and her boyfriend are on vacation, and they are taken to a restaurant that serves some special dish. I want to say it was like the best pad thai in the area or something. So, they go there, it’s way out by itself somewhere. The restaurant owner is and older man, 40’s I would guess, has the boyfriend come with him to help move some bags of rice or something, and kills him. Restaurant owner then gets the (model/actress?) girlfriend and locks her in the basement. He keeps her there, rapes and tortures her. I remember at some point she bites his genitals while he is forcing himself on her. At some point he goes into town and buys either lingerie or dresses for her. The others in town make fun of him, like is he crazy and no one likes him. He drives a red van I believe. Meanwhile, the actress model lady has a sister that comes looking for her. The police chief doesn’t believer her, but one of the officers does try to help her out.  They at some point do end up at the restaurant, but find nothing. I think eventually the sister is kidnapped too. One of them get put into a big wood chipper thing. The one that lives shoots the restaurant owner at the end. Not sure when this movie would have been made, but I am going to guess after 2005, it didn’t look too old. I saw it on netflix between 2012 and 2014. Any help would be greatly appreciated! (and please don’t judge for my sick taste in movies, hahaha!)

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  1. “Missing”(2009)
    …’Young actress looking for a break Hyun-Ah stops off at a chicken soup shop with a vaguely sleazy director, only to fall into the hands of the owner, only to fall into the evil clutches of the unhinged owner Pan-Gon, who cages her and subjects her to the expected indignities. And along the way Hyun-Ah’s sister comes looking for her…’

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