Eskimo (Or creature) on roof

Don’t know if this was a movie or a TV show.  I’m pretty sure I saw it on like a saturday morning in the 80s, or some other time I was watching TV (or a rented movie) by myself.  It was live action.  The only scene I remember has a little boy coming up to his (a) house.  On the roof is what in my vague memory is an Eskimo, but it might have been just a really hairy creature of some kind.  In my memory he was kind of laying on his side, like one does, propped up on an elbow, but that may not be accurate.  Last night I came across a movie call Fuzzbucket.  Initially I was hopeful that this might have been the movie, but that scene doesn’t exist, nor does anything I see as similar that could have created the memory.  In my, again, vague memory, the boy was nervous or upset that this thing was there, either because he was mad at it or scared of it.  I’m not sure if it was malevolent or malicious or just mischievous (maybe none of the above, just an impression from the memory).  The roof in my mind was like a porch roof leading to a gable with the second story wall of the house behind the roof.  I’ve been thinking of this movie for decades and was always just so curious as to what I had watched.

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    1. No, I do not mean a yeti when I say Eskimo, I mean Eskimo (as in Inuit) in the stereotypical garb, like skins and a furry hood. In my memory, it was someone (something) dressed like an Eskimo, but as my post mentioned, it could have been some kind of furry or hairy creature (like the creature in Fuzzbucket), as the memory is quite fuzzy. So it could have been a yeti in the movie I suppose, but I meant Eskimo when I said Eskimo.

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