Early Eighties Showtime clps or movies

First clip or film, a man meets a lady who has a Bible. After much proclaiming “religious” by her, he talks her into putting the Bible down and they undress. She is smoking hot underneath; and they engage in intercourse. In the second clip, A girl says she does not want to engage in intercourse with her boyfriend. He leaves. She chases him down to the mailbox and tells him she changed her mind. She then takes him to her bedroom. He deflowers her. Boyfriend has blood on his hand. Very intense scenes. Third movie, a girl agrees to “make a movie” but she has not “done it yet”. So afterwards, she is in the shower crying over her decision. “The director cries “Don’t force it” on her second attempt.
Possibly soft core or Lady Chatterley experts, not sure. Part of a mini series or might be movies themselves. Came from the Era of Time Bandits. Girls have 80’s hairstyles. Color. English. 1984ish. Aired late nights on Showtime.

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