Coming-of-age while looking for submarines

I hope someone will recognize this movie and help me find it. It is in American English, and probably came out in the late 80s or early 90s.

This movie is set in America, along the east coast (probably more north-east) during WWII. There is a group of boys, about upper grade school to middle school age, who have taken it upon themselves to watch for enemy submarines in their free time. They spend a lot of time at the beach, even in cold weather, hoping to be the first to see a Nazi submarine and become heroes. They also talk about baseball, and girls, and sex, and all those kinds of things.

One of the boys has dark hair and wears a “newsboy” cap all the time. He might be the central boy in the story.

This movie is not “Brighton Beach Memoirs” or “I’ll Remember April.”

Any suggestion are welcome. Thank you!

8 thoughts on “Coming-of-age while looking for submarines

  1. “Radio Days”(1987)
    ‘….Joe is a young boy growing up in Rockaway Beach in the late 30’s/early 40’s. His family is a lovable collection of oddballs. Parents who argue about which ocean is better (the Pacific of course), an aunt who’s sole purpose in life is to get married. An uncle who, everyday, brings back fish from his friends at the docks. Then there is Joe himself. He is a young boy, teetering on adulthood, who spends his days listening to the radio and watching for Nazi Submarines off the beach.’

  2. I guess it’s gonna be another unsolved movie. Annoy me when we know I got to solve a movie but got no points. lol actually not laughing out loud.

    1. I hadn’t had time to get back to it, hun. I don’t live online. But sadly, your guess is not correct. Even if I hadn’t gotten back to you at all, you’d still get no points for this one. Better luck next time!

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