Childhood horror movie set in 90s or 2000s

It was a movie set in the 90s or the early 2000s something like that i can’t remember and also there was kids basically a boy and a girl running somewhere and the boy finds his grand mother a zombie undead maybe his grand mother or his grand father i can’t really remember but his tells the girl that this is his grand something, and they were on the woods i think it was a cemetery and i believe that the movie was set in the halloween because in almost the final scenes of the movie a female wearing a ape/monkey/gorilla mask, appears to be a monster because two bug or flys with green light enters the eyes of the mask and becomes part of her and than she open the mask, all the sudden the people screams when they see her face, i think that i can describe it as skull with two lightning green eyes, then the zombies or the monster smash the door where the people are staying and somehow a big dude tries to kill that female lightning green eyed monster but when he breaks her she just repair herself, i believe that he crashed her bone or something but than she repairs it and she than describes the whole story and than the end

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