cartoon rabbits and a scary forest

This was an old vhs tape that my uncle had many years ago. it was about two rabbits I think, one lived in a cabin by a pond and the other one was lost so he offered to let him stay and the became friends. one day while fishing on a boat the “rabbit” who lived in the cabin warned the other one about the forbidden forest and that he should never go in there. I forgot the reason why but he did wander off in the creepy forest with nothing but a coat and a scarf. while in the forest he was attacked by some unseen animal. once the other rabbit knew were his friend had gone, he suited up to save his friend, because he knew how dangerous the forest was, he had a raincoat, a pistol, a knife , and a flash light, he was prepared. after aiming his pistol around he found his friends scarf hanging on a lone tree branch. he picked it up and heard a noise and that is all I can remember.

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