• I’ve been racking my brain for years trying to figure out the name of this old black/white movie. It’s an old movie of a biracial woman passing for white. Her mom was a slave. She denounced her black heritage and later married a white man. He wasn’t aware that she was biracial. She got pregnant and when she had the baby, it looked more black than white. The husband strangled her to death because he thought she had an affair with a slave. At her funeral, he discovered her identify cuz he met her mother. He was consumed with guilt because he loved her dearly and realized he was wrong. Not sure what else happens.

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  1. Sounds somewhat like I Passed for White (1960). The only thing is, she isn’t strangled by her husband. She has the baby, it’s stillborn, and she wakes up and asks the nurse if the baby is black. Her husband is in the room, and assumes she had an affair. They divorce, and she goes back to her family and her original identity.

    There is a funeral scene in Imitation of Life (the 1934 version is B&W) but it’s for the mother of the black girl who is passing for white. Her mother died of a broken heart after she disowned her and went to live her life as a white woman.

    There’s also the mother was a slave aspect in Band of Angels (1957)

    All three films are black and white, and deal with racial identity and mixed race women passing for white so maybe you mixed them together a bit?

    There’s also Sapphire (1959) about a pregnant college student who was found dead. She was initially thought to be white, but was actually black. It’s later discovered she was murdered by the racist sister of her boyfriend. That’s not black and white, and Sapphire is dead from the start, but I’m suggesting it for good measure.

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