Bizarre animated? film of a street scene in silouhette? with crumbling/erecting buildings, people…

…walking, dying and being stretchered away while the camera tracks out

Possibly BBC TV but could have been ITV1 or Channel 4. This was almost definitely 1995 but could have been 1994, a creepy animated? film has haunted me from age 6/7 and I can still picture it in my visual memory now 20 years later…

I know I couldn’t have made it up or dreamt it as my sister was there who also cannot shake the memory of this fascinating unknown. It will probably haunt me for the rest of my life until I know what it was.

I am also sure it was repeated not long after the first viewing and we both watched it for a second time.

It was a short animated? film with a tracking camera coming towards the foreground within a street level scene, possibly drawn pencil art or in silhouette.

People are seen crossing the street (in hurried fashion and a busy population) some falling down on the ground and dying, while others come in and stretcher them away. Meanwhile buildings and structures crumble into the background and erect in the foreground either side of the completely fixed straight street that the camera is tracking.

The solid background colour I’m unsure but loosely recall was tinted yellow sort of vintage film style.

I can’t recall the audio, might have been mute (or we had the tv mute) but I almost want to say it had a creepy holding note or something given its sinister feeling.

Having since studied animation and film, now it would seem to have been something quite vintage or then again just someone’s modern experimental film. I read that the BBC used to show short animated films around that time?

Massively obscure I know, my sister isn’t all too bothered but I need to put an end to this haunting memory in my life and know what the heck it was!

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