Beheading of a woman in blue

I saw this movie or a series segment on late night TV in 1980 or soon thereafter.  I remember that the color was newer and brighter than most things on tv at the time, and it seemed to be some sort of historical scene.  It began (at least I think it was the beginning) with a stunning brunette in a blue cape kneeling on a scaffold with a man holding a sword standing behind her.  He tapped her on each shoulder with the sword, as if he were knighting her, then suddenly swung the sword to decapitate her (they didn’t show the head rolling off).  The knighting part and her calm acceptance made me think it was some sort of a ritual killing.  I didn’t get to see much more because I interrupted and had to leave.  I have a vague, possibly false memory of the scene then switching to one with soldiers on horseback, wearing medieval European helmets .  But that could have been from another movie.

I’d be very grateful if someone could identify this one for me.

2 thoughts on “Beheading of a woman in blue

    1. Thank you so much for a good try, but I’d seen that one and that wasn’t it. I think the one I barely remember is some sort of an occult film, because historically no one got knighted and beheaded in one sitting.

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