Bank Robbery Gone Wrong

A small town bank is robbed by two young men.  One of them tells the other to go in and do the robbery  and everything is set up because the lady teller is in on it.  He winds up taking her hostage and we find out later she is not the right teller.  She was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  She is so turned on that he is a “real” bank robber that she makes him pull over and they have sex on the side of the road.
Later on, another man has the two original guys in a barn and he is trying to get them to tell him who they are working for.  Apparently it was originally his plan and they beat him to it.  ( just a few minutes which is what threw everything off).  The man hangs one of the guys, trying to get the other to talk.  He has to tell the truth or watch his friend die.

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