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High School Teen Thinks He’s dead, Turns Out He’s Not

I watched this movie only once when I was young, so I can’t remember actors or a lot of the plot. I was born in ’93 and I watched this movie when I was around 5, but I’m not sure if it was a recent release. It was in english and had color, I can’t remember if  it was on t.v. or a VHS, but my dad put it on for me and said it was a pretty good movie. Which is ironic, since the opening scene shows a kid about to commit suicide with a shotgun. There was a gunshot, but I don’t remember what happened right after. It’s a little hazy, but I think they guy, who was high school age, ends up getting beaten up by a bunch of people. Who think they end up killing him so they hide his body, but the kid has an out of body experience and walks around the town. He meets this girl, who I think is a social outcast, but I’m not sure. They end up having a teen adventure together, I think part of it takes place in a school gym. They end up falling in love, and somehow figure out that his body is still alive somewhere and race to find it before he permanently dies. They end up finding his body put down a drain hole, like the big round ones with the metal top that you have to use a crowbar to get up. The last thing I remember is him in the hospital in a coma. I think this is all one movie, I hope so anyway, but it’s been bugging me to find out what its called. Like I said I only saw it once and have never seen it anywhere else since. Any help would be welcome!