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Movie with a kidnapped scientist who has to be rescued by his robot son

When I was a kid, during the 90’s, I remember watching a movie that I cannot find the name of. It was in English, colored, made probably in the 90’s itself but possible the late 80’s, and I guess would be deemed a “kid’s movie” despite some parts of it being rather dark.


The major points of the story, in order of how I remember the events to go are:

A scientist in the robotics field had managed to make an extremely humanlike robot he calls his son (don’t believe was ever explained how he managed as he seems to have trouble repeating it as noted in a later scene).

A small dog steals the mail/newspaper and the son chases it to get it back, showing off his abilities of speed and agility, before finally cornering the dog in a pipe or log and extends his arm to reach and pull out the dog.

Father at a conference/demonstration with a different very robotic-looking robot he is trying to show as a breaking advancement in robotics and AI. It malfunctions and he gets laughed at. He starts saying he knows his theory works and almost gestures to his son before stopping himself.

Father is kidnapped by the villain (don’t remember how) who locks him in this pure white round room. Father is slowly being psychologically tortured to reveal his secret robotic theory. There are two major points I recall with him in the room. He is given a tray of breakfast foods after having nothing to eat for who knows how long, which all turn out to be plastic with a mocking statement written on the back of the fake eggs. He also tries escaping through the single entrance some doctors or something come in through, only to enter an identical white room to the one he just escaped. All of this is being watched by the villain in a control room overlooking these two joined white rooms.

By the time the son and a female friend of his track down and rescue his father (most details of how they do this I cannot recall), the villain managed to get enough information to create an evil black militant robot. Son somehow defeats it (I think involving fight by a lake just outside the villain’s lair).

Don’t remember much beyond that. The scenes of the father in the white room stick out tye most in my memory, but I’ve had no luck finding what ,movie this is. Does anyone know or is this some crazy dream I had?