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kids discover truth of alcoholic’s son death (playing hide n seek on graveyard)

so there was a movie, in color

kids were playing hide n seek, they met a boy (? dont remember much tbh) there was a story of boy being killed by his alcoholic father, they kept meetingĀ  boy and realised it was a ghost? and like his story was reliving itself? idk

they went to the police to find stuff about the cause and in the end they saw it that the boy died by running from his father, and a father didn’t rly kill him, (he was beating him tho)

i remember this movie from childhood and i can’t find it anywhere,

on the end of it they were probably playing hide n seek on the graveyard again and the girl saw that boy sitting on the tree, he threw her his necklace or somethin’ and dissapeared.

please help