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An obscure horror/scifi film about aliens.

Ok, I’m trying to find the title of a straight to vhs film I saw when I was a kid.

late 80’s maybe early 90’s. There are these alien creatures that look kind of like slugs with I think 3 eyes that are all just solid colors and the telepathically project images of dead loved ones and friends and such. It takes place in a desert, or a mesa for the most part. I just remember alot of mountainous areas and red colored rock caves etc.

its low budget and bad, and I can’t find it on any b movie lists anywhere so it might be so obscure that its been forgotten to the sands of crap films.

Sex and drugs but no rock and roll

Bit of an obscure one ladies and gents. I saw it on TV 2 or 3 years ago, I don’t think the movie could be any older than 10 years. The movie was in Italian (I think), about two teenage boys partying it up in Italy with some other mates. One is a closeted gay guy who’s in love with his best mate (who doesn’t know his friend is gay).

I don’t remember a lot of the details in the middle but the two guys went to a party and nearly had a threesome with a girl they met. There was a nude scene with the straight guy too somewhere along the line.

Unfortunately the gay guy gets depressed about the unrequited love, goes off to a party, takes a lot of pills and has sex with some random guy. Then he meets up with the straight friend again who gives him another pill. The gay guy collapses outside the club and the film ends with his death and his friends remembering him.

Pretty sad all up, I remember finding it on IMDB ages ago but can’t for the life of me remember it. Let me know if you know it/have other questions.


Erik Estrada as a shaman???

This movie was made in the 1970s and is a crime movie probably made for TV. All I remember is that a detective (thin white guy in his 40s and looking the type in a fedora-type hat) was searching for someone (missing person or possibly a killer). I think it had a jungle environment and when he was walking through that environment, he ran into a shaman who looked like Erik Estrada. Only reason I think that is because I saw the movie around 1980 and Chips was big then. I was young so I could be mistaken.

Trying to find the name of this horror movie!

Hey Guys,

Right the movie starts with a couple and their daughter dies drowning in a pool/puddle.

The dad is distraught and they start seeing a little girl dressed up in a red dress and they think its her. They follow her for ages, but once they track her down they realise its a midget dressed in a red dress and he stabs the dad.

Kinda fucked up movie what is it?!??!?!