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53 years old, have seen all kinds of movies. Especially weird, experimental, avante garde stuff.

Weird Movie I Saw

This was a color movie in english. I saw it maybe between 2 to 5 years ago. All I can remember is a scene with Steve Buscemi. He was putting on lipstick and loading a bolt action rifle. A guy that I think was the lead actor called Buscemi’s character on the phone and apologies for bullying Buscemi when they were in highschool. Buscemi then crosses off the name of the guy who called him from a list (most likely a kill list).


Obscure Spy Spoof

Truly bizarre spy spoof film. Saw it in late 2017. Have no clue what year it was made. Based on set designs and womens clothes and makeup had a 1960’s sci-fi vibe. A guy dresses and looks like James Bond. In one truly bizarre scene a woman with a black bob haircut is tied to a torture board thing. Another woman (the torturer) has a snake (snakes name is Stretch) that apparently tortures other women with non-stop cunilingus (48+ hours kinda non-stop) (I said it was weird).