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Wolves attack village scene


Not sure where I saw the clip but the footage looked dated, maybe 70’s or early ’80’s. The scene is a rural mountain village being attacked and overrun by a large pack of wolves who burst into the stone and thatch houses quite savagely. It was a graphic and stuck with me but I have no idea which movie it is from. any help is appreciated, thanks

need help on remembering a movie please

would love to see if anyone could help me remember a movie i saw a few years ago, late nineties i think. only scene i can remember is the cops or fbi are in the process of making an arrest of a dangerous criminal black woman who could have syringes planted in her hair so the officers are talking to each other on this intel. the arrest is being made when all goes wrong and the woman and her bodygaurds plus some officers get shot. i think the scene is at a market place or simalar

Man chases woman down stairs and injects her with a hypo

This movie was in color. I saw it on a friends system and he had it digitally recorded. I don’t know the source but I would guess DVD or BluRay. The man was wearing a jacket and cap (looked like fatigue jacket and cap), the woman was a blonde, wearing a black or very dark overcoat. He chased her down a stairwell and catches her, grabs her and then pulls a hypo, bites the cap in his mouth to remove it, and injects her in the neck. She then either passes out or dies; I didn’t see much more of the movie and I would like to view it all. That scene was powerful and ugly. I think it was a horror genre, but not sure. He erased the recording and doesn’t remember it.