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Movie of monster locked

I basically remember that a child stays in a very large house and there is a monster in the basement or the attic in a metal door the basement looked like a castle made of stone and the monster was chained. and the boy tried to get out of that mansion I remember that the floors were black and white and at the end of the movie a guy came out with a chainsaw in the kitchen and managed to escape from that house the movie is from the 90s or 80s if someone do you know what can it be please post

Locked in a old mansion

Hi, I hope someone reads this, I’m looking for a movie from my childhood so I have few memories about it, basically it was a boy or girl who followed a brother who was going to a party or a test of value in an abandoned mansion, I remember briefly he had some red converse and was blonde was locked in a basement, being there is a kind of monster or zombie I do not remember well that is chained and that monster was enclosed what looked like a metal door lying and chained, emitted grunts I remember there was a van in the movie, additional data are from the late 80’s to the early 90’s, and I have looked for it and nothing, it’s not the movie on the door, nor the DR Freudstein is from that time , if anyone knows anything please tell me, and I searched on YouTube and I can not find it