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Married Women affair with Stranger

She is a bored wife. Husband is more of a workaholic. She is impressed by a guy and starts having an affair. When the things are going well, she observe the guy is bit violent. And she tries to end the affair. But the guy takes her as hostage(or kidnapps her). There is a scene where she tries to request for help from a sales rep who visits her home. She writes “need help” on her cleavage. But the sales rep mistakes her intension for she is trying to hookup with him and turns her down. I couldn’t recall the movie name. But a friend of my suggested it as Wild Orchid. Which I don’t feel the same.

Thank you


The girl friend is the culprit


Movie where Girl turn out to be diabolical

A boy finds a girl attractive (both of them in their post teen approx.). And she happen to be  from a wealthy family. Some one in her family gets killed in a car accident. The boys get to be blamed. There is a sex scene at her house (when dad is out). Later the boy finds out that it was the girl all along who was killing her own family. And she tries to put the blame on her boy friend. She some way learn to tamper with the car brakes or the engine(in process of killing her own father). This is some movie which i have seen long back. Couldn’t remember the tittle or the actress in his film. If any of you could recognize. Please let me know. All I know is, this is not a recent one, at-least way before 2000’s.