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So this is what I remember from the movie and I don’t know the name please help .

This is what I remember so a kid movie into a new home and the kid was really good what gadgets. The kid made some friends at school one of them was a girl later at night the kid and the kid friends went to an abandon apartment the girl pull out a lock pick set from her pocket and break into the apartment and they had a little fun. Soon the kid notice something from an apart across from where they are the notice that there a man so the kid and its friends started spying on the man they broke into his apartment and they rig his place one of the rig was the man phone was rig so they can hear him from the apartment they were staying and they found out he was hiding drugs in a toy stuff bear.

Need help figure out a movie I seen years ago

I remember parts of the movie, there a part where these kids broke into an abandon apartment where somewhat setup their base which they spy on a man in a apartment across from where they were, the second part I remember is they broke into the man apartment next and one of the kids rigged the man telephone so the can hear the man talk when he is his apartment, and the third part the kids finds out that the man has stash some drugs or either money I don’t recall what it was inside a stuff animal.