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1970s Mid Day Matinee Canadian Movie

This movie is one I saw as a very young girl. I was home from school, midday matinee was on one of our two channels. 🙂

Around 1970..A family is at the lake or live at the lakeside…two sisters, sleep in bunk beds. The younger sister sleepwalked, and was getting all the attention, older sister resented her. One night she sleep walked out onto the dock, walked off and drowned. The older sister stood there and let her die.

One of the scenes, she leaned down over the bunk and told her to go to hell, I remember it being shocking, first Id heard a swear word on TV. I might have been 7/8..Ive searched cbc archives, all the other sites..Have a strong feeling it was a Canadian movie for some reason.  Spark anyone’s memory?

teen sisters searching for family cabin to save brother from abusive father

Around the year 2000, on the movie network, feels like an independent film. Beautifully filmed in forest road setting. A 20/some woman returns home to confront her father/mother for the molestation she endured. young sister and brother still living there. mother is a weak character..Father isnt there, he has taken the young brother to the family cabin. The two sisters get in an old truck and head out to find the cabin, not sure exactly where it is. On the way, they talk, remember and go through some dramatic moments…they find the cabin , at dark…father is passed out drunk. she ties him to the chair, then douses him with gasoline. he begs in horror…all three walk away leaving him there to blubber…The main actress is a tall thin Blonde ( looks like Ali Larter/ Amy Smart)….It feels Canadian, or maybe Washington state, lots of tall trees . A quiet sober story with a dramatic ending. hope anyone can help find this title, Ive been searching for ever.