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Horror movie…with possession?

My wife claims we watched a movie in about 2010…not sure how old it was by then..but not too old…it was definitely done in the 2000’s maybe even later 2000’s….but it is a horror movie….she says people went in to a cave and found some type of artifact or something like that and I guess they unleashed a demon or something….and people were getting possessed and stuff like that…and then they go back to the cave in the end or something and try to fix it…or it turns out it wasn’t really a demon it was just an evil angel killing people……and they thought they saved the world but when they left the cave they were wrong…..that’s really all the details she claims….I can’t go d anything at all online about it…..any help would be great thanks.

horror movie/possesion or something?

Howdy, my wife remembers us watching a movie a few years ago and i do not remember it in any way. She says that it was a few people and they find like, some kind of relic or just some object in a cave. ┬áThen one of them gets possessed or something by a demon or something. But then she (my wife) says something like it was really an angel that was evil. Or maybe it was the other way around and it was and angel they thought but really a demon trying to possess them. Like i said, i don’t remember it at all and she doesn’t seem to be much better. I’m pretty sure that it was a newer movie too, possibly 2007-2013. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

There is also another movie that i could use some help with. This one i, myself,┬áremember. I was pretty young when i saw this movie and it was probably from the 80’s or maybe 90’s. I would be totally stunned if you told me it was from the early 2000’s. I am 26 years old and saw this movie probably about 13 years ago at least and i remember it looking pretty old back then, just to give you an idea of the time frame of the movie. All’s i really remember is a group of people in a house and a guy opens the fridge i think or it could have been like a cabinet or something in the kitchen but when he opens it there was like a weird dinosaur looking monster or something. The monster shot a laser out and it melted the guys (or girls) face off. And i think i remember the dino/monster roaming around the house lasering people and melting them. Thanks.