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Movie about haunted by old woman ghost mansion, with the toy house inside and has the room with floor made from mirrors

This is a screenshot from this movie. The woman looks through a small door in the wall and sees the toy house inside. Also, she wasn’t alone, she was with a big group of people who came on an excursion or something like that. A guy in glasses disturbs this woman while she was looking inside of this toy house.
Also, the manor has a room where the whole floor made from mirrors.
And through the film moviemaker shows old woman ghost levitating in the cellar of this house, while people from the above just look around this manor.

I watched this film on TV (I even didn’t watch it fully, only once, only 30-40 minutes part). It was maybe 10-15 years ago.

Please help! I try to find this film many years, but only today by a random thing I found this screenshot.