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obscure religious kids movie

I saw this movie at my aunts house when I was a kid, it’s been on my mind every now and then since. It was a low budget christian kids movie. I remember it focused on three kids living in a dystopian/devastated world. The side boy character slept in the trunk of an old car. The main boy character is given a bible, and he and the two other kids read it and decide to go on a journey to find god. They most likely stop at a bunch of places, I only remember an underworld themed amusement park. They stop there to ride a roller coaster full of temptations. I think they lose the girl here, maybe the side boy somewhere else. The main boy makes it to the end, and meets god. I found the answer on this site a couple years ago, the inquiry was posted by someone else, but I was stupid and didn’t write down the title. Please help!