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A kids movie/show? With a creepy white monster and pink spots. Big ears too!

So I believe it was a movie but it could be a section of a show on VHS. All I can remember is a white monster with pink spots. Big nostrils and big ears. Either an early animatronic or puppet as it was big. There was a scene with a magic carpet in it. It’s all held within a house. I think it may be a split special VHS because I remember half of it including a story about a cat cookie jar or something.

I imagine it was made mid 80’s to early 90’s. I watched it a lot as a kid so unsure.

It was in english, but it may be british or canadian.

It was in color.

Just I remember the monster being hella creepy. And I can’t find it, no one is talking about it. I just want to be sure I didn’t think this up on my own… 😛

Please help! This has been on my mind for weeks~