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Horror movie in which the male protagonist often dies

There is a lot of gore in this movie.
The main character, a guy of 20-25 years old, is killed by a girl with her friends. Kills very cruelly and bloody. But every time he wakes up after the murder, and after a while she comes to kill him again. She constantly demanded something from him to do and killed in punishment (In some scenes, her male friends who looked like vampires kill a guy by cutting him with a saw)
Judging by the special effects, this is a 2003-2011 film

Film about a hostage in a desert

Unfortunately, I only remember the ending
In this film, two black-masked criminals held one man in a pit (or dry well) in the desert. They starved him for several days and waited for him to die in this pit. They often checked him and one of them even climbed down. I remember a scene where the hostage even ate his own skin from his legs. In my opinion, this is an arthouse, because I can not find it anywhere.
The hostage actor looked like Pierce Brosnan in the movie Seraphim Falls,
same thin and helpless
I watched it in 2010 or 2011
film exactly until 2011, no later