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Street Evangelists

Old black and white movie about a young man coming to town and watching a “blind” street preacher who takes up a collection. The young man decides to preach against religion. He becomes involved with the blind preacher’s daughter. The daughter steals a shrunken mummy figure and pretends it’s her baby. In the end, the young man gets religion and after murdering a man with his car, puts out his own eyes with acid as self-punishment for his sin and crime.

Rolling Ball

The opening scene shows a ball rolling across the lawn of a fairly large house in the woods. The house has no inhabitants and is furnished as if they might have just left. A rag-tag group follows the ball into the house. They soon become suave and sophisticated persons who interact with one another as at a cocktail party. Finally, the people revert to their former selves and leave the house. It’s in color. I obtained this movie at my local library several years ago. I’m guessing that it’s 20-30 years old.