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Modern 1990s French movie ended with SWAT team in bank robbery gone wrong

1990s French movie, slow paced, but modern feel.

The movie started with a guy taking a taxi from the airport.

The taxi driver asks the guy if he has a wife, and the guy replies he doesn’t. The taxi driver asks if he would like a wife for the night and give the card of a prostitute.

The guy doesn’t appear too interested, but later at the hotel, it’s quiet and he ends up calling the number and spends the night with a brunette girl.

Later he meets a friend, and I didn’t watch the rest of the film.

I think the movie ended with bank robbery gone wrong.

I think the final scene was quite dramatic. One of the robbers realises he’s been caught and decides to shoot another female robber – the gun jams and the 5+ SWAT team shoot the robber without hesitation.

I hope this was the same movie!