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Horror Movie with a dragon like monster taking place in Washington state or California Rockies?

When I was a kid around the late 90’s. I walked into the kitchen or living room and saw a scene or two of a horror movie I think. The first part started with three older gentlemen sitting at a table in a small hunting cabin. I believe they talked about a monster that lived in the area of the cabin. I think one was skeptical about while one of the others was a bit paranoid.

There was no music in this scene or the next scene where which I believe took place the next day. The skeptical one was driving and saw a cave which sorta sounded like where the monster lived. So he stops and walks up to the cave entrance to look inside. It’s quiet for a few seconds and then theres thuds and the monster comes out out. It looked like a serpent or dragon and out side of a few scenes showing the actor close up. It was all done in stop motion and the “dragon” bites the man in half. Leaving his legs on the ground.

From what I can remember, this movie was probably from the 80’s or late 70’s due to the cars I saw and the use of stop motion, and it looked a bit low budget even for the time it was probably produced. The only other thing I could tell was that the setting was probably the united states in ether california or washington state.