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Horror movie i start crying on first scene


When i was very young (2000+-) i start watching some movie and i start scream and cry on first scene. So i remeber only this first scene and i hope u will help me to find this movie

Some UFO crashed in desert, some alien go out from UFO and die. He leave onlu his ring in sand.

Some time ago one man find this ring in desert, put him on finger and something happend with him (he turned into alien/zombie/demon) and his eyes change the color.

In this momment i start scream and cry. This scene shocked me and i could not continue watching.

Thx for help!

Horror\thriller with 3 storyline

I looking for movie i watched on VHS when i was young (2000+-)
It was Horrorthriller movie with 3 storyline’s. I remember only small parts of them

1. Man crashed on car, stand up and go to near music club. Here he dancing like in 80s. Then he go out of club and saw the car and how ambulance take his dead body in ambulance car.
2. Man or woman on highway running away from killer in car.
3. Young rockstar settled in expensive hotel, he start to destroy room and when he throws out TV from window, TV cabel pulled TV table and TV table throws the Rockstar out of the window.

Thx for help!