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Guy wakes up next to dead woman

I remember watching this movie in the early 2000s on tv. I don’t remember anything except this one scene.

the main character wakes up next to a woman in his bed. He leaves the room, comes back and notices she hasn’t moved. He puts his hand on her shoulder and turns her over. He sees that she is dead and has something tied around her throat. He panics and decides he needs to move her body back to her apartment which is down the hall from his apartment. He picks up her body and starts to head towards the front door.
someone knocks and he lays her body on his couch facing the back to make it look like she was just sleeping. He answers the door and talks to the person. He shits the door and picks the body back up. Another knock at the door scares him and he drops the body. He slides her into his closet, sits her up and closes the door. The person comes in and stand right in front of the closet. The closet doors starts to open but the guy shuts it immediately. The person that knocked leaves. The original guy opens the closet and her body falls out. He picks her back up by placing his arms under her arms. He drags her body into her apartment and gets her on the bed. Someone knocks on her door and he hides under the bed. The person comes into the bedroom and panics. I don’t know why this scene has stuck with me for so long. But I would love to figure out the title of this movie so I can finally finish it.