Australian movie

I vaguely remember a bit weird Australian movie about a teenage girl who argued with her parents, her mom in particular. She kinda lived in her own world daydreaming and masturbating often. And there was a scene where her mother told her to set the table for lunch and as she was doing it she starts to rub her vagina on the corner of the table and closes her eyes in ecstasy and then her mom catches her doing it and is outraged. Think the movie is from the 90’s. Also, but not sure if I remember it correctly there was something about flies.

6 thoughts on “Australian movie

  1. “Fistful Of Flies”(1996)
    ‘….it shows the parents, caring for their child, while she goes through the time of puberty and masturbation she is put down by her parents because of this and this makes her feel unwanted and sad, and she takes it as far as to think about taking her own life….’

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