Art childhood memory

So I saw this movie my freshman year in art class. Black and white , some color and it was in english. It was about this little gilt that lived with her dad in a small apartment. She had a lot of drawings in her walls. She somehow she gets sucked into the drawing world and the girl from in there comes to her real word. In there there is a lot of fictional characters and I remember when she meets a dude with like a face like piccaso and they go to a library and the books fly she needs to be strong to hold them. There is a queen tjat is looking for her and the dude is taking her to her and when she finds the girl she is the princess so inside weird looking creatures dress her and do her makeup . They are in a castle type thing with legs and it’s just walking and the queen has like dark magic or something .


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  1. Solved! Funny that “MirrorMask” is so often the answer, but I seldom recognize it from the poster’s descriptions. Everyone seems to remember the movie differently and usually they get the details wrong.

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