Animated Scary Movie – scary but likely g-rated animated movie/short film from late 80s/early 90s

First off, no joke I’ll send a 5 dollar amazon gift card if someone actually figures this out.


There was an animated movie – it was like some where between american style cartoon and anime. Very reminiscent of the animation in the Legend of Zelda animated series.

i watched it probably when i was like 5-7 yrs old, so early to mid 1990s, and i would watch it a lot as 5-7 yr olds do. I want to say…that the movie was actually a collection of 3 stories, but that’s just a feeling i have. i cant say that for certain, i could be wrong.

so at the beginning a young man is lost in the woods and he takes shelter is some random home carved out of a tree. I believe it was someones home and they let him in.

now, theres some kingdom and the man ends up going to the kingdom. in said kingdom, theres a beautiful princess and the boy meets her, and they fall in love, and she tells him to meet her on the roof for the dance. they meet on the roof and theres like a ball/dance and everyone dances the night away.

But at one point it all turns crazy, like it was all an illusion. and it turns out that the evil witch has tricked everyone. and all of the beautiful maidens were actually monsters in disguise (except the princess was real)

At some point the princess and the man are running through the castle and they keep running to find an escape but theres all these illusions and the doors keep turning out to be fake doors, with monsters appearing in front of them or the exits just keep being fake.

theres also this invisible staircase that just appears and they walk up the staircase to escape the witch. I think at one point around here there is a hallway and the boy keeps trying to run down the hallway but the hallway turns out to be never-ending.

theres also a dungeon with 3 thieves, not sure at all how this plays into the rest of the plot that I so clearly dont remember much of, and the thieves are trapped down there with a scary skeleton/ghoul that comes to life.

also the trees in the woods are alive (stationary, but alive with creepy branch-hands and they have evil faces. theres definitely an owl involved at some point

i think that this is all i remember, but i would do anything to get the answer to this question. It was almost certainly a straight to VHS movie/short film that was created between late 80s and early to mid 90s. Please help and youll make my year!

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