Animated, r-rated militant lizard men

Somtime 10-15 years ago I rented a movie from a small, local movie rental place that specializes in the weird and off-beat. I don’t actually remember renting the video so idk what drew me to it… I remember that it was an odd animation that sort of put me in the mind of pop art but messier somehow. I remember toward the beginning our hero was waiting on a girl in her parents’ house. He was sitting in the living room with her dad, waiting. The clock is ticking and dude picks some stuff from under his nail and it makes a gross little noise. Dad gives him the stink eye and he puts it back. Then I think they all had dinner together. Parents obviously don’t like the guy. But at some point guy and girl end up in bed together. Iirc the sex scene was pretty graphic and the camera angles were odd so that sometimes you’d be zoomed in on what’s going on and sometimes you’d only see heaving chests or tongues. Next thing I remember is guy getting up for work. I think someone came to visit him and tell him something. That could be my imagination… then something weird goes on with his tv… either something’s being beamed in or he finds some wire that shouldn’t there… I think he rips it out of the wall. So at some point these militant lizard men show up, like reptilian SS. And the girl’s parents like them. So they try to get her to talk to one. And at some point she gives one a handy to get past him so she can find our guy. I don’t remember a lot beyond that except that the guy and girl find each other and I think they’re running to or from something… Big, head general lizard yelling about something… and at the end it seems that a giant asteroid crashed into an auditorium.. am I crazy!? Does this movie exist!! If so, what the heck is it!?!? Thanks for any help!!!

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