animated kid movie from late 80s or early 90s

this aninated kids movie starts with a young boy with glasses who moves to the jungle with his parents and hound dog. the boy and his dog begin to explore the jungle when they become lost and encounter these small “egg shaped” aliens in an egg carton type vessel outside of an ancient temple which they ran into and gotten lost. stuff gets very creepy and crazy while they are in the temple. (morphing aztec faces, disorienting falls and spirals). the aliens turn out to be good and if im not mistaken they help the boy and dog out of the temple.

i uses ti watch this movie alot as a kid..i would appreciate anybody who remebers this move too post a reply.



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    1. YES!! wow thank you so much..You are most definitely the goat for this! I honestly didnt expect to get a correct response, especially this quick..thanks again

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