Animated Flames Dancing Ballet

It’s been a few years since starting to look for a movie with this clip:


I remember a clip with ‘dancing flames / ballet of flames’; I remember an ‘up-beat’ bouncy melody – reminiscent of Disney perhaps, and the animation reminiscent of Fantasia (also perhaps). The clip shows a ballet of individual flames in a ‘chorus line’ all dancing and moving along, and from memory down a staircase (from left to right) – it is in colour, with the flames being in vivid red, orange and yellow, background rather dark-ish and indistinct, but inside a structure of sorts.


Maybe one day I’ll get lucky. It was such a great clip.



3 thoughts on “Animated Flames Dancing Ballet

  1. Thank you ‘Morris’ and “jennagain’ – it’s neither. Nor is it Max Fleischer’s Sleepy Time Down South, or Betty Boop Hot Mama (both black and white). – None of those I’ve been able to find online over the years have the ‘anthropomorphized’ flames (a ballet of many individual ‘cute’ identical dancing flames) that perform a choreographed dancing movement (down a stair-like incline?) to music, hopping and swaying, in a dark-ish setting. It’s not Playful Pan, either …

    This is driving me batty – (at least I found 2 out of 3 clips just recently, which I remembered from watching way back when in the 1970s – Valse Triste from Allegro Non Troppo, and The Old Mill – that’s just an aside, to remind myself that my memory still serves me well).

    I’ll keep looking – anything at all, please list it – gotta get lucky one day.

    Cheers and thanks.

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