American New York Rom Com – tree in central park

I remember I watched  a film not very long ago, it is a generic rom com based in new York – I am sure,


there is a bigger plot to the movie but the most I can remember was a scene in central park and it was around a tree – an old tree and either a message was hidden in the tree or there was something special about the tree and the couple that the movie is based upon, were either supposed to meet there at a point or they missed it or something and they can back later and I am sure the tree had been struck by lightening, and some old man was near / around the tree


please someone help me

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    1. sandnc, so you will know, the WordPress antispam system automatically flags any comment with more than one link in it as suspicious. I approve the comments manually when I see them, which is why some of yours are being delayed. If you want to get around the delay, post two comments with one link in each.

  1. The part about the tree reminds me of the South Korean film My Sassy Girl. I know there is an american remake, with the same name, set in New York. It could be that one?

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