All movie buffs have failed, help! Body stealing thriller.

These are the details of the film as I remember them. The main protagonist is male and a really good therapist who, it is revealed near the beginning, accidentally desensitised someone so much to either their fear of cold or water that they accidentally killed themselves by going for a celebratory swim in a freezing lake. Because of this, he vows to never use his therapy skills in this way again. Somehow, he comes to start investigating the story of a centuries old French philosopher who apparently discovered the key for immortality. I remember someone describing how this philosopher was put to death while claiming that he wasn’t actually the philosopher and that the real philosopher had stolen his body. I have been told by someone else who has seen the film that the philosopher was Nicolas Flamel though I do not remember that detail myself. The protagonist’s investigation leads him to an old woman in a wheel chair whom he has a conversation with, during which he notices her do a strange thing with her fingers, tapping the tip of each with her thumb in a sequence. She tells him that Flamel was a brilliant man who was dreadfully misunderstood, or something like that, before saying to her carer “Je suis fatigue”. Her carer comes and wheels her off. Later, the protagonist has cause to go to what I think was either the old woman’s or the carer’s home and is let in. I think at this point he is still unsure if the legend he has been investigating is true or not. When the carer bends down, however, he reveals a necklace with a symbol on it that the protagonist has come across during his investigation. He seems to have a flash of realisation that he is in danger just as the carer hits him on the head and knocks him out. When he awakens he is somehow trapped, either tied up or locked in something. Now, a little girl was somehow involved in the film as well, though I don’t remember in what capacity. She may have been his daughter, or the daughter of a love interest. The little girl suffers from some kind of phobia or has anxiety issues. I think she also draws. For a reason I don’t recall she is located in the same place as the protagonist and is physically able to become free, or if she is not restrained, help him get free. However, because of her fear/anxiety she is incapable of doing so. This forces the protagonist to use his therapy skills to desensitise her to her fear so they can escape. He does this by making her imagine being in one of her drawings or something. I remember that as she stands, unafraid, the camera shows her front on with her surroundings shown as a child’s drawing of flowers and butterflies or something, as she is imagining. She is now able to free the protagonist. By now we know that the old woman is actually the philosopher, who discovered the location of the soul in the brain and the means by which it can be transferred from one body to another. It is achieved by inserting a long hollow piece of metal into the brain through the eye and removing the soul piece and putting it by the same method into another brain. The philosopher had been planning to steal the protagonist’s body in this way but he manages to escape, I think injuring her and killing the carer in the process. For some reason, the girl is temporarily left behind and we see the injured philosopher roll towards her. At the end of the film, the protagonist and his wife/love interest/girl’s mother/idk are safe with the girl outside somewhere, and just as things seem to have worked out ok the protagonist sees the little girl do the strange tapping thing with her fingers that the philosopher did and realises that the little girl is gone and the philosopher has stolen her body. Now that I think about it, perhaps the protagonist killed the old woman on returning to get the girl, not realising that the transfer had already taken place. The final shot is of an old man (who was either the original body of or represents the soul of the philosopher) hiss at the camera and a box lid slamming shut. The box had a significance that I don’t recall, it might have been the box of tools used to complete the transfer.

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