A movie with a plot similar to riverdale

so this girl jumped off a bridge in the town and like it explained that at the beginning

and there’s a tomboy girl who rides her skateboard everywhere

i don’t remember details, but i do remember that one of the characters was playing guitar hero with someone’s brother or guy friend, and she was very good at it

and there’s some party near the end of the movie

and someone gets depressed and tries to jump off the bridge someone else did earlier

and skateboard tomboy girl goes and gets her and convinces her not to

but she jumps,, and i think the tomboy girl jumps in after her and shit

One thought on “A movie with a plot similar to riverdale

  1. Could it be the one where the girl was actually killed by her friend and thrown off the bridge then at the end after fighting with the mean one the skater girl figured it out and then the mean girl tried to do the same to her but ends up falling her self or something if so I just saw it on Netflix or somewhere but can’t remembef the title. I’ll keep looking

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