80’s movie where husband tries to kill himself to keep wife

i remember watching this movie on VHS in 1985 I think maybe 86′.

all I remember is somehow this man got this woman to marry him, and when she tried to leave him he tried to kill himself. I was a kid so I’m not fully sure what was happening.

it was a bad relationship, and not sure if he was beating her or what, but I do remember her trying to walk out on him and he shot himself in the head before she got out of  their.. i’m thinking cabin, or trailer, or something like when people travel around with the circus or carnival. I think they worked for a carnival/traveling show.

i think they had some children.

i remember barely understanding what going on but my mom trying to explain. (They would let me watch anything.. I spit on your grave, Zombie, and anything rated R)


it it was a movie.

it was in color.

it was in English.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. It has been on my mind for while but I don’t know too much more than what it says up above.


Thank you


3 thoughts on “80’s movie where husband tries to kill himself to keep wife

  1. There’s no shooting in the head, his wife was having an affair with the fireeater and he set the fireeater on fire, killing him. His wife left him and he thought she was coming back cause he heard her thoughts, but it was the pet gorilla of the fireeater, she came to get revenge cause she (the gorilla), witnessed it and she was also in love with the fireeater. She was found eating the guys brain!(whew)!

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