80’s horror movie/crime show/child abduction scene, I only saw the kid taken

80’s horror movie/crime show/child abduction scene, I only saw the kid taken. My mom came in and turned off the TV so I never found out what happened. This could be a movie or a show, I do not know. There was some kind of serial killer/child molester that was taking kids. A young boy and a girl were riding their bikes. There was a Y in the path, and they were racing each other. They  took separate paths at the Y. Suddenly there was a very loud whooshing sound and the boy was sucked up in the air by a huge “vaccuum-like” suction and flies through the air into these open metal jaws hidden in a bush. Then the jaws closed up and all you could see was just the bush again. All that was left was his bike on the ground with the back tire spinning. The killer had some kind of powerful “machinery” hidden in the bush that had the power to open up and suck kids off the path into a long hole underground into a small chamber. I think there were trash, toys, old junk, or clothing around on the floor of the chamber but it was dark, nothing else visible. The next scene was with the police and the girl, discussing what happened. The scene panned closer so you could just barely see some of the metal in the nearby bush under the leaves, and no one noticed it was there. That was all I remember seeing. No one has ever known what this was…terrified me for years as a kid. This is the only movie I have never found and never resolved out of anything that bothered me back then…

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