80’s(?) B-Movie

Hi everyone, let’s have a go at this. Apologies if my description is a bit sketchy.

Background – I saw this clip of a movie when I was a kid in the mid-late 80’s. Such were the times that my dad had rented the movie from the video shop. I was intrigued and thought I’d have s sneaky watch. I only managed about 5 mins – enough to scar my innocent mind and the images have stayed with me for the past 30+ years. I’d like to track down this movie to achieve some kind of closure. I’ll try and describe what I remember…

Two adventurous fellas are exploring the jungle and find their objective: some sort of temple / pyramid / ziggurat setup. They enter through a narrow passage and soon come to a small opening in the wall. One of the chaps decides to shimmy into the opening. It slopes down into darkness. They fashion a harness from belts (I think) and lower the brave bloke into the darkness, the second guy keeping hold at the top of the opening. It’s only a short distance for him to crawl down until the passage opens out, looking down into a large, dark room. He’s high up looking down and the picture shows him at the top of the frame looking down on several silver crosses or crucifixes on what might be an altar. There may be 3, possibly 5 crosses. He marvels at what he thinks is the mother of all treasure finds. However, after a moment, a bright light starts to emanate from near the crosses. It forms a ball and the ball of light starts to move towards the man looking down on the scene. Transfixed, he watches the light approach.

Back to the bloke keeping hold. He can’t see what’s happening down the narrow passage. I believe there’s a short dialogue – probably something like ‘what can you see?’, ‘I don’t know, but it’s beautiful… aaaaargh!’.

Sensing all is not right, the man doing the holding starts to pull the second man on the harness back out – finding he’s considerably lighter coming out than he was going in… the legs come out, followed by… not much else. He’s missing from the waist up, presumably consumed by the mysterious light.

The alive man is understandably somewhat freaked out. He makes a run for it. Unfortunately for him, the walls of the narrow passage they entered through start to close in from either side. He gets agonisingly close but ends up crushed to a pulp, possibly with a reaching arm protruding from the now tight shut entrance.

And that’s where my experience ends. Somewhat traumatised by what I’ve seen… but left with an intrigue that’s lasted through the decades.

I’d love to find out what this is, whether it’s obscure or well known, a classic or a clanger. Please give it your best shot! Thanks!!

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