70s or 80s movie people viewing dead people in windows

I don’t remember when I saw this movie, but I was young so 70s or 80s. When someone dies it was normal to place them in a glass case after they are dolled up in beautiful clothes and hair and makeup, placed in a glass case in the center of some city square in a dome. when you want to see your loved one you put in a code or something and the person appears (maybe spin like a slot machine?) One woman didn’t want all the dolling up so when a man and a woman came to visit her she spun into place in her glass case and was so scary! Long grey hair and looking hag like and decaying. I think it was a futuristic style movie. It was in color and I don’t remember any recognizable actors. I always thought it was Logans Run but my hubby says it wasn’t it.

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